Each season Pantone releases the top colors in fashion trends.  Now that the weather is finally changing, it's time to infuse your wardrobe with the bright colors of spring!    So without further ado, allow me to introduce you to our new spring palette....

For the men, lighten things up this season.  Bring the Limpet Shell, Lilac Gray, and Iced Coffee into your pant collections and refresh your shirts with prints using the other colors.  The bolder/richer tones of Fiesta and Snorkel Blue will make perfect accent colors in your accessories to give the look some polish.  On casual days wear your sleeves rolled up (yes, even with a tie).  But, if you need a more formal look, add a linen blazer to finish it off.

Ladies... I know floral prints are in every spring, but this year they are trendier than ever.  Mix big bold florals into your tops, bottoms, dresses and even shoes!  Use pops of Fiesta, Peach Echo, and Limpet Shell to give vibrance when mixed with Rose Quartz and other softer hues.

If you're unsure how to integrate these colors into your look or just need help cleaning out the dreary remnants of fall, email me here for an appointment!

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