... Which means it's officially time to break out your bright colors and freshen your look!  This season, earthy hues are brought to life with vibrant pops of color.  The neutral shades of Hazelnut, Pale Dogwood, Niagara and Kale will help balance out the brighter shades this spring.  

For the ladies - Head to work in bold floral tops using the Pink Yarrow, Island Paradise and Primrose Yellow as your inspiration.  Balance the bright blazer and heels with black pants and bag.  Leg lines are wider and more flowy this season and shoulders are bare in cold shoulder and off the shoulder silhouettes.  Accessories should stay clean and simple to let the colors and silhouettes make the statement.

For the men - The earth tones this season will make your wardrobe versatile and easy to mix and match.  Use a mix of the Kale, Hazelnut and blue tones to keep things light and clean.  Lightweight bomber jackets and fun sneakers will be your key accessories for this spring.

If you're unsure how to integrate these colors into your look or just need help cleaning out the dreary remnants of winter, email me here for an appointment!

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