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I hope you're soaking up the last few warm days before the cool weather really begins!  For me, summer always feels restorative and gives me the chance to refocus my energies where they may have started to fade throughout the first half of the year.  To prepare for the seasonal change, I've dug out last years fall clothes from the back of my closet and realized it's time to upgrade a few things!  If you're feeling the same, here are your key colors and textures to look out for this season.....

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Every year navy, maroon, and gray heavily make an appearance in fall and winter trends.  Give them a bit of a boost by using the light tan, pale dusty pink, and brighter blue to keep things from getting too dark.  Also, mix your textures by adding in some suede pants and leather accessories to give your look more depth. 

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For the men, let's give those closet staples a much needed break.  Add maroon and dark green pants to your wardrobe to gain some variety.  Also try out some blue or gray shoes!  They're a nice neutral that will match almost any outfit and will free you from wearing black and brown every day. 

If you're struggling to find excitement in your fall wardrobe, be sure to reach out!  I hope you enjoy the cool weather, pumpkin flavored everything, and changing leaves!  For weekly tips and suggestions, you can follow me on facebook or instagram!